A Dynamic Model of the Hygrothermal Environment in a Broiler Chicken House

In the proposed study a dynamic model based on physical laws and field experiments will be developed to simulate temperature, humidity and gas concentration in a broiler chicken house. The model will consist of several sub models and will be used to evaluate different control algorithms for heating and ventilation of broiler chicken house. Developed partial differential equations will have input parameters: outside air temperature; total solar radiation; mass rate of airflow; moisture migration, properties and dimensions of the constructional materials; number of birds and their average weight as well as the air properties to predict hourly internal air temperature of a poultry house and sol air temperature. Ammonia gas emissions will also be monitored.

The mathematical model of the hygrothermal environment will be solved using object oriented software. The program will solve numerically the temperatures, moistures and gaseous concentrations of the building. Results will be compared between the model and experimental measurements made in a naturally ventilated poultry house.

Experiments will be performed using a physical model to test and verify the model at the University of Nairobi. Statistical evaluation will be conducted to compare the trends and means between the internal air temperatures obtained by simulations and observed measurements. The data obtained will be used by poultry farmers in the tropics to control hygrothermal environment in poultry houses.


Emmanuel Mutai

Sponsored by:  NCST

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