Academic Trip by Kenyatta University to EBE
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Wed, 2015-02-04 10:04
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upper kabete premises

The Department of Environmental and Biosystems Engineering hosted 200 students from Kenyatta University on 2nd and 3rd of February, 2014.  see photos

Mr. Karimi a technologist in the department of EBE demonstrating an engine model to the KU students

The students were officially welcomed by the Chairman, Eng. Prof. Gitau and the two Chief Technologist Mr. Orodi and Mr.Chweya. 

The purpose of the academic trip was to give the students a wide exposure to complement theory and practicals done at Kenyatta Univeristy. The students were taken through the following practicals session

  • farm operations and preparations; seeding, planting, tillage, harvesting
  • Power and machinery; engines, plough, tractors
  • Land surveying and design of foundations
  • Irrigation and drainage structures

Mr. Orodi gave an overview of the department core thematic areas as away of preparing the students on what they came to learn. He also introduced the head of sections in the laboratory and workshops and the schedule the students will follow .

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Thu, 2018-02-15 10:04
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Chairman, EBE