The Chairman, Academic Staff met with EBE students
Date and time: 
Thu, 2015-10-01 11:18
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upper kabete

The chairman and academic member of staff met all students in the department on 30th Septmber 2015.  The first year students were welcomed by all staff and EBESA chair gave a brief about the process of where they have come from in accreditation of the program.

EBESA chair Spenser Kirawa addressing students in the department

He stated their involvement from last year and that they are happy that the issue have come to an end after the approval of Biosystems Engineering  program by EBK.

The chairman gave a brief of where we are coming from and importance of recognition by the regulator EBK. He also stressed the importance of this course and numerous job opportunities that are available. He informed them that implementation process will start d immediately from this academic year 15/16. He also informed the students that they will take an additional one unit to facilitate their registration as engineer(s) once they complete their course.

The academic staff thanked the students for their patience and applauded the whole process that the issue has come to an end. That the end justify the means.

The staff and the student were all in agreement that, that was the best direction the university would have taken.

The academic staff who were present are:-

  • Eng. Prof. A. N. Gitau
  • Eng. J. Mutua
  • Mr. A. K. Inima
  • Dr. C. T. Omutto
  • Eng. Dr. G. Muchiri
  • Mr. S. C. Ondieki
  • Mr. J. O. Agullo
  • Ms. D. Ndunge
  • Mr. G. E. Chweya

The meeting started at 2.30 and ended at 5.00 pm.


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Chairman, EBE