Laboratory Practicals

The laboratory practicals are designed to equip students with knowledge and practical skills that will enable them translate theory into practice and develop academically to contribute positively to the society.

Students are advised to download the labsheets at the beginning of the semester to enable them prepare adequately for the practicals.

The following lab sheets are available for downloads.

  1. Laboratory Report Writing
  2. Safety Instructions
  3. AEB 201: Power Systems and Machinery for Agriculture
  4. FEB 223: Electrical Circuit Theory
  5. FEB 226: Thermodynamics I
  6. FEB 234:  Mechanics of machines I
  7. FEB 240:  Workshop practice
  8. FEB 271:  Solid and structural mechanics I 
  9. FEB 321:  Thermodynamics II
  10. FEB 324:  Mechanics of machines I

More lab sheets, Assignments and course outlines can be acessed at the E-Learning Portal.