Design Of Surface Irrigation System

The project is about the design of a surface irrigation system in Thaana Nzau location. The area receives little rainfall as evident from Mwingi Metrological station. As a result, the area has a low agricultural productivity. The area has the perennial river Tana which has not been fully utilized due to lack of suitable skills and technology to supplement the farming. The area has been divided into 5 units. For the design of the canals an area of 10 Ha for 20 farmers was used, each with an irrigable plot of 0.55 Ha.

The crop water requirements of the common crops grown in the area were estimated using the Penman Monteith equation which is incorporated in CROPWAT and CLIMWAT software. The layout of the area was digitized using Global Mapper and AutoCAD. The design of canals was done using the Manning’s equation. Other software used was Haestad Hydraulic Applications – Flow master for estimation of the canal bed width and depth, Spreadsheet for iteration process and Liscad for canal shape. Upon the implementation of the project, there will be sufficient water for irrigation and domestic use, improved agricultural productivity, living standards and employment opportunities.

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