Design Of A Rock Catchment Rainwater Harvesting System In Kitui Central

We all need clean drinking water in order to survive. Many people in Kenya are forced to spend a large portion of their productive time and resources in fetching water. The supply is often contaminated and water-borne diseases are on the increase. Despite the Kenya Government’s commitment to providing clean water to its population, it faces severe constraints due to shortage of funds for development and the cost of maintaining existing water supply projects.


Clean water prevents the occurrence of certain diseases and therefore helps in keeping man healthy and enables him to perform his day to day activities. However, this can only be realized if the clean water is available and conveniently reached by man. The potential benefits of rainwater harvesting include the availability of relatively clean water close at hand and the reduction in time and labour for fetching it.


This project was aimed at designing a rock catchment rainwater harvesting system that would help in meeting the water demand for both the locals and their livestock at Muini village in Nzambani location, Kitui County. The project also focused on minimizing the cost through appropriate planning and designing of a rock catchment run-off water harvesting system coupled with the use of available storage technologies and local materials within the reach of the local communities.


The field data was collected through observations, physical measurements, sample acquisition and use of existing records on the study area. The project analyzed rainfall data and population data for both humans and livestock. The analysis involved population projection, calculation of the catchment area, sizing of the conveyance system as well as sizing of the tank in accordance with the demand.

final project mwanthi.pdf4.84 MB
final project mwanthi.pdf4.84 MB