Past Research Projects in Environmental and Biosystems Engineering

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Past Projects

Project Name Sponsor Start Year End YearAmountProject Link
Effective Process Design Model For Sorghum Bi-oil Production And Conversion To Biofuel
  • Joseph Waweru

Sponsored by:  NCST

2013 2015 840,000 View Details
Water Harvesting For Sustainable Environment, Food Security And Community Development In Kenya

Eng. Dr. Ayub N. Gitau, UNESCO

2012 2013 2,000, 000 View Details
Water Harvesting And Greenhouse Farming For Enhanced Household, Food And Nutritional Security (whenfs)
  • Eng. Dr. A. N. Gitau

Sponsored by:  NCST



2011 2014 View Details
A Dynamic Model Of The Hygrothermal Environment In A Broiler Chicken House

Emmanuel Mutai

Sponsored by:  NCST

2010 2014 1,500,000 View Details
Environmental Simulation Model Of A Greenhouse: A Three Dimensional Approach With Agent- Based Intelligence Decision Support

Januarius O. Agullo, DAAD and Dean's Committee

2010 2013 1,500,000 View Details