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Power And Machinery Engineering Lab


Other than teaching, this section is tasked with creation of linkages at farm and agro industrial level for diagnosing the problem and identifying the need to substitute renewable energy and conserve fossile fuels. This step is followed by formulating suitable research projects/demonstrations/feedback and modification of existing gadgets for various applications in the farm or agro-industry. Teaching and research equipment include:

  • Tillage Implements
  • Sowing Equipment
  • Weeding Implements
  • Harvesting Machinery
  • Threshing Machinery
  • Farm Equipment

The specific and key objectives in research and extension are to identify the need and gap in present day renewable energy, to formulate research programmes and extend the results, employ the developed gadgets for substituting/ complementing conventional sources of energy.

Our reasearch findings are channeled to the community through:-

  • Government Ministries - Water and irrigation, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Lands and Settlement, Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources among others.
  • Parastatals:
  • Private Companies:
  • Consultancy Firms:
  • International agencies
  • Non Governmental Organizations
  • City and Town Councils

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Any correspondences should be addressed to: Tel: +254202318837, E-mail: uon-ebe@uonbi.ac.ke

Location: Upper Kabete Campus

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