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EBE Fabrication Workshop


In  teaching, this section help the students learn the "real world" of engineering and offer an opportunity to apply all the theories and principles taught in class. During the final stages of training the students are expected to design tools and processes used for satisfying the needs of society through a combination of material, human, and economic resources. During this process the students are;

  • able to recognize the iterative steps associated with the design process;
  • aware of the process involved in developing a product design specification from a market brief;
  • able to develop a morphological design chart to aid the development of conceptual solutions;
  • able to participate in brainstorming activities; recognize the scope of available technologies to the designer. 

The section also participates in income generating activities such as fabrication of conservation tillage equipment, undergraduate and postgraduate research activities.

Teaching and research equipment includes:

  • Machine Shop that contains a host of standard machining tools such as lathe machine, cutting machines, power saw, drilling machine and grooving machine.
  • Welding and fabrication equipment
  • Measuring and marking out tools
  • Sheetmetal tools
  • Benchwork tools
  • Small scale Heat Treatiment equipment

Our research findings are channeled to the community through:-

  • Government Ministries - Industrialization, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Public works among others.
  • Parastatals:
  • Private Companies:
  • Consultancy Firms:
  • International agencies
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • City and Town Councils:


Any correspondences should be addressed to: Tel: +254202318837, E-mail: uon-ebe@uonbi.ac.ke

Location: Upper Kabete Campus

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