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Thu, 2014-04-10 11:42

Environmental and Biosystems Engineering 4th year students had the mechanical design presentation on 8th April 2014.

The design project involves a study of the application of the general principles, empiricism of mechanics of solids to the creative design of mechanical equipment, product development, management and economics. This unit is examinable by coursework.

Student demonstrating how Kanyaga Hygiene tap work to Eng. Dr. Gitau (Left)

Below are the project titles presented by the 2013/2014 class:

  • Design modification of a castor oil extractor using metal sheet rollers -  The main objective was cost reduction of the seed press machine as well as to increase the volume of production per unit time.
  • Design modification of natural circulation solar grain dryer – The main objective was reduction of moisture levels in the grain after harvesting to an acceptable level for storage (12 - 13%), marketing and even processing before microbial action occurs in the grain.
  • Modified Hand powered bean sheller -  The main objective was to  provide more efficient and effective process for shelling beans
  • Design modification of Kanyaga  hygiene tap – the project aims at designing and fabricating a highly hygienic and water conserving system for hand washing. Thus ensuring optimum water management and environmental control
  • Design of solar heated air grain dryer and modification of a winnower - The main objective of the project is to modify the winnower by adding on electric motor in designing the solar heated air dryer which will increase the efficiency of drying the maize. The time taken to perform this operation will ensure high quality grain which can be stored for future consumption thus enhancing food security.
  • Design modification of Hopper and conveyor system for a chaff cutter – the aim was to save time and energy used compared to manually feeding chaff into a cutter. This would enhance efficient chopping of feedstock for palatability

Student in the workshop during fabrication of natural circulation solar grain dryer

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