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Water is a very intergral part in our daily life. It’s, dubiously a basic human need. Providing safe and adequate quantities of the same for all remains an important undertaking throughout the world as outlined in the Sustainable Development Goal No 6. This is equally echoed in the Kenya Vision 2030 plan that drives the country towards political, economic and social positive steering of the economy. This project involves the design of a gravity water supply system.

The overall objective of this project was to design a raw water treatment system for Mosiabano dam, at Nyansiongo Ward in Nyamira County. The specific objectives of the study were to: Determine the water utilization/demand in the area, to evaluate the raw water quality tests from Mosiabano Dam and to design the specifications for Mosiabano dam raw water treatment works and related components.

The water quality tests were performed at the University of Nairobi’s civil Engineering laboratory so as to achieve the World Health Organisation requirements. The design of the major components of the treatment plant, mainly flocculation, sedimentation, filtration and water storage tanks were based on design criteria (and parameters) that are recommended for design of water treatment plants to ensure that the plants would function effectively. The design considerations wereon dimensioning of the tanks ratios as per certain ranges to allow for effective water treatment. Other considerations that were considered are: retention time within the tanks and surface loading rates.

It was important to design a plant capacity that will satisfy the water demand of the population therefore population studies were important in the design. This includes the households, their animals as well as infrastructural facilities such as schools and hospitals. The presence of a safe and reliable source of water is thus an essential prerequisite for the establishment of a stable community. The presence of safe and reliable source of water is necessary for the people of Nyansiongo and everyone.

The outcome of the projectwas determined as successful at the end of the project. They include the design a raw water treatment system that will supply safe and clean water that meets the demand of people in Nyansiongo Town in Nyansiongo Ward, Borabu Constituency as well as determine the amount of water demand in the region, perform water quality tests on the water and also determine the specifications for the raw water treatment works and related components. There was need for an AutoCAD design for the water treatment works.