Engineering Students visit to Nguluni water projects in Makueni County between the 12 and 15th of Jan 2019, 3 representatives from Engineering Students Association joined the EWB team from university of Massachusetts


at the site where they were able to learn the following during the period of field work:

1. Water quality Testing - Together with students from university of Massachusetts we did testing for E. Coli for the drinking water used at Nguluni primary and secondary school and also for borehole water used by the community. 

2. Installation of pipeline to provide water to the community hospital. Through the use of a PPR welding machine we connected the PPR pipes to transport water from the  borehole to the community hospital. We installed some T Joints for local residents along the way to have access to clean water source. 

3. Installation of handwashing stations. We installed the handwashing stations at Nguluni Primary and secondary school near the toilets. This involved installing a solar pump to pump water to the handwashing stations and preparing concrete mixture to be added on handwash basins to provide support. 

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