The Department of Environmental and Biosystems Engineering Students Association launched its first magazine issue at Swiss Lenana Mount Hotel, Nairobi during 5th year final dinner party on 19th April, 2019. The event was graced by Dean School of Engineering Eng. Prof. Ayub. N. Gitau, Chairman of Environmental and Biosystems Engineering Eng Dr. D. O. Mbuge, Members of staff, students and parent representative Hon. James Sabwengi (Former MCA Kiabonyoru Ward, Nyamira County).

The Dean SoE congratulated the EBESA Editorial team and officials for the contributions and achievement of publishing first magazine issue. He challenged students to grow and offer alternative leadership to our country and world at large.  He restated that, “The current issues facing communities need technical solutions that can only be solved through an engineering perspective. The Engineering courses in the School of Engineering have the best curriculum that can provide that edge to help the students to tackle these problems in society. This will help achieve Kenya’s Big 4 Agenda thus impacting lives and mentoring problem solvers.”

The chairman EBE encouraged students for the effort to ensuring the project came to success.  He urged students to keep on the spirit to publish more issues and that the department will provide support needed. He addressed of problems faced  “As Kenya and the region tackles the challenges of food security, gender empowerment, environmental protection, industrial development and globalization, the traditional role of engineers that involves single pass approaches to solve problems using resources that produce waste is changing to that of “Environmental and Biosystems Engineering” approach that employs the basic science of biology, mathematics, physics and chemistry as well as engineering sciences and designs to enhance the wellbeing of humans, animals, plants and the biosphere.”

"The launch of this magazine is a major milestone in the development and progress of the department of Environmental and Biosystems Engineering. This is one avenue of promoting the department, connecting past, present and future students, industry players, governments and other stakeholders. I most sincerely thank the Chief Editor, Managing Editor and Entire Editorial team for work well done and for coming up with this noble idea. Congratulations to you class of 2019 for coming this far. You have now finished your first degree and the sky is the limit. Go out there and employ what you have achieved. There are jobs within and outside our borders however you must be creative, innovative, initiative, aggressive and even assertive as well. Put Allah first in all you do. I wish you all good health and success in your future endeavours. On behalf of my fellow parents and guardians I hereby give the power to go out there and conquer the world. Thanks."  Parents or guardians representative Hon. James Kingerechi Sabwengi.

In her part former EBESA chairlady Maureen Mulungo talked of; Who is EBESA?  Why EBESA was formed? She commended EBESA Editorial team, EBESA Executives for their endless efforts in delivering services to the Biosystems Engineering Students and the School of Engineering at large. “As I conclude, special gratitude to the Principal College of Architecture and Engineering, Prof. Peter Ngau, we greatly appreciate your support in making EBESA activities a success. Sincere gratitude goes to, Dean School of Engineering, EBE departmental Chairman and members of staff for their counsel and support towards making this magazine a success.  A big thank you to Nairobi City County.”

Finally, I extend my deepest thank you to the readers. We look forward to engaging with you more often especially through our events planned for the year, aimed at building Kenya’s economy through the Big Four Agenda. Have fun reading the issues and enjoy your read!

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