Industrial Visit to DEVKI Steel Mills LTD
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Thu, 2016-02-25 12:24
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Through the continued support from DEVKI STEEL MILLS LTD, our 3rd Year students currently on fourthterm visited the company on an educational trip in AthiRiver on 19th February 2016  . They were taken through various processes by Mr. Harison an employee there.

Mr. Harrison, Devki giving the safety instructions in the plant to the students

Cold rolling: is a process by which the sheet metal or strip stock is introduced between rollers and then compressed and squeezed. The amount of strain introduced determines the hardness and other material properties of the finished product.the advantages of cold rolling are good dimensional accuracy and surface finish. 

Hot rolling: is a mill process which involves rolling the steel at a high temperature (typically at a temperature over 1700° F), which is above the steel’s recrystallization temperature. When steel is above the recrystallization temperature, it can be shaped and formed easily, and the steel can be made in much larger sizes. Hot rolled products like hot rolled steel bars are used in the welding and construction trades to make railroad tracks and I-beams. 

They were also advantaged to visit National Cement Company Ltd, that produces and supply cement  under the brand name of Simba Cement. 

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