Facilities & equipment


    1. Fluid Mechanics and hydraulics Laboratory

Subsonic Wind tunnel; High-speed drilling machine; Centrifugal Fan; Boundary layer experiment kit; Divergent/convergent nozzle; Air compressor; Smoke tunnel; Supersonic Wind tunnel; Subsonic diffuser; Venturi-meter and orifice plate calibration apparatus; Apparatus for calibrating pressure gauges, water circulating mechanism, Parshall flumes, artificial channel and clamp, water pump.

  1. Soil and Water /Environmental Laboratory

Laboratory rainfall Simulator, Water Pumps (small) 1p2, Portable Dissolved Oxygen and Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) Metre, General Purpose Waste Water Test Metre, Fine particulate matter dust tester laser particle counter, Sound Level Metre, Hydrogen Peroxide, Digital Current meter, PH meters, Digital Triaxial machine with all accessories, Water Quality Testing Equipment (In-situ), Water Quality Testing Kit (Portable), Deep freezer, GPSs, Theodolites, Soil moisture meters (tensiometers, neutron probes), pressure plate apparatus, micro plots, Irrigation kits Drip, sprinkler, Ovens, pump flume, Equipment to measure water retention in soil, Soil testing equipment – Casagrande, soil sieves and sieve shakers, sediment samplers, Constant head permeameter,  vertical splash boards (splash erosion), mini infiltrometer.

  1. Machinery Demonstration Shed

60Kw tractor, tractor model, planter, seed drill, ridger, tractor mouldboard, plough, tractor disc plough, tractor disc harrow, combine harvester, forage harvester, hydraulic jack, 10 tones, boom sprayer, tine ripper, No-till planter, fertilizer spreader, manure spreader, animal feeding trailer, 3-tine subsoiler.

  1. Power and Machinery

Portable dynamometer, diesel engine, petrol engine, 124 kW tractor, (instrumented), injector tester, battery charger, crane, hydraulic jack, 3 tons, hydraulic jack 6 tons, gearbox, engine model

  1. Processing laboratory

Size reduction machinery, ovens, climate chamber, maize sheller, conveyance machinery, moisture meters, seed cleaning equipment, sorting equipment,

  1. Renewable energy

Solar water heating set, solar power set, Windmill.

  1. Foundry Workshop

Mix Muller; Rotary Furnace; Carbon sulphur Determinator; Tube Furnace; LNT Furnace; J 4 200 p furnace; Sand rammer; Sand mechanical shaker; Moisture teller; Universal mould tester; Permiabilitymould tester; Metallurgical and chemical testing instrument; Transformer; Avery weighing scale.

  1. Machine Workshop

Machines; Grinding Machines; Center Lathes; Capstan Lathe; Marking Table; Drilling Machines; Tools And Cutter Grinder; Manual Press; Power Saw; Shaping Machine; Bench Grinder, rolling machine, guillotine, power shearing machine, press machine, black smith’s oven, anvil, marking out tables, metallic bench, bender, hydraulic press, manual shearing machine, drawing seat, drawing table, office cabinets, ferrography set, oil rapid tester.

9. Welding and fabrication shop

Sport welder, grooving machine, power hacksaw, oxy-acetylene equipment, bench vice, generator, pillar drilling machine,

  1. Machine/ Vibrations Laboratory

Data Amplifier; Serviscope Minor (CRO); Vibration Meter; B & K Preamplifier; Vibration Meter; Monitored Attenuator; Field Plotter; Vibration Pick-up Preamplifier; Serviscope Minor; Vibration Meter; Machine Analyzer; Field Plotter; Stethoscope; Motor Control; Travelling Microscope; Fuller Calculator; AF Signal Generator; Wave Analyser; Strain Gauge Amplifier; Avometer; Bench Vice; GBC Spiral binder; Spiral binding machine; Hydrovane Compressor; Flywheel; Belt Friction Apparatus; Belt Friction Apparatus; Weighing Balance; Free Vibration Rig; Sensitive Valve Voltmeter; Waltimeter; Balancing Rig; Hydraulics Teaching Rig; Lubricating Demo Rig; Forced Vibration Rig; Speed Control; DC Power Supply; Air Compressor; Gear Efficiency Rig; Two-Degree of Freedom; Platform for MI; Electronic Stop Clock; Belt Friction Apparatus; DC Power Supply; Sensitive Valve Voltmeter; Oscillator; DC Servo System; Oscilloscope; Polarizing Instrument machine; Step down transformer

  1. Metrology Laboratory

Optical Projector; Microscopic Measuring Machine Horizontal Pattern; Sigma Mechanical Comparator; Bench Center; Angle Dekkor; Tool Makers Microscope Type U-10; Monochromatic Light; Floating Carriage Micrometer; Surface Plate 15” X 10”.

  1. Microscopy Laboratory

Microscope; Polishing Machine; Sartonium balance; Zeiss Ikon Cameras (33mm); Millimeters; Minimointers

  1. Sheet Metal and Welding workshops

Guillotine Machines; Dc Arc Welding Machine (Air Cooled); Spot Welding Machine; Arm Swing Bender; Bench Drilling Machine; Momentum Bending Machine; Nibbler Shearing Machine; Angle Line Cutter; Rolling Machines; Grooving Machines; Hydraulic Press Machine; Multiple Shearing Machine; Bench Grinding Machine; Metallic Benches; Wooden Benches; Bench Vice; Metallic Cabin

  1. Thermo Laboratory

Heat convection Rig; Six-cylinder Diesel Engine and dynamometer; Bomb Calorimeter; Four-cylinder Diesel Engine; Ruston Engine (Diesel); Ricardo Engine (petrol); 2 Stage Air Compressor; Four-Cylinder Land Rover Diesel Engine; Four-Cylinder Land Rover Petrol Engine; Six Cylinder Petrol Engine; Temperature Meter with Probe; 0-100gms balance; Six-cylinder petrol engine; One vehicle without body –HUMBER; Water pump; Spring balance

15. Strength of Materials Laboratory

Brinnell Hardness testing machine; Vickers Pyramid; Rockwell Machine; Internal Elastic Forces; Hardometer; Creep testing machine; Torsion small machines; Hounsfield machine with accessories; Reverse bending machine; Torsion testing machine; Strut Beam testing machine; Impact testing machine; Tension indentation and compression; Spring testing machine; Beam bending rig; Curved beam rig; Universal testing machines.

  1. Computer Laboratories

Four computer laboratories equipped with high-speed computers loaded with CAD software and Microsoft Office Suite among other applications; high-speed cable internet connection.