On 18th May, 2023 EBE Fourth Year students presented and defended their fabricated projects design FEB 403 MECHANICAL DESIGN.  This unit introduces the general principles of mechanical design and applies these to product development, from concept to detailed design. It considers methods for evaluation and selection of alternative designs. It then engages students in a major multidisciplinary design and development project, which may integrate elements of electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering.

Learners on completion of this unit are expected to:

  1. explain how mechanical design concepts evolve;
  2. describe fundamental design processes for various (simplified) mechanical system elements;
  3. identify and apply basic mechanical design principles;
  4. schedule tasks for a simple design project from concept to completion;
  5. demonstrate a capacity to contribute effectively to multidisciplinary projects, which may include elements of electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering; and
  6. evaluate a design and formulate a solution to suit a given performance goal.

The following are some of the projects presented by students:

  1.  manual seed bed planter
  2.  Enahnced BioChar retort machine
  3. A smart and automated solar powered irrigation system
  4. Manual Cabbage slicing machine
  5. potato chip slicing machine