The visit to New KCC (Kenya Cooperative Creameries) in Mombasa was an illuminating experience for students from the University of Nairobi's Department of Environmental and Biosystems Engineering. Immersed in the bustling operations of one of Kenya's leading dairy processing companies, students gained firsthand insight into various facets of food processing and waste management. Guided tours led students through the intricate processes of milk collection, pasteurization, packaging, and distribution, showcasing New KCC's commitment to quality and efficiency in dairy production.

Furthermore, students had the opportunity to engage in practical exercises focused on food processing techniques, including quality control measures and packaging innovations aimed at extending the shelf life of dairy products. By witnessing these processes in action, students gained a deeper understanding of the importance of stringent quality standards and sustainable practices in the food industry. Additionally, the visit provided valuable insights into New KCC's waste management initiatives, highlighting efforts to minimize environmental impact through waste segregation, recycling, and sustainable disposal methods. Overall, the visit to New KCC offered students a holistic perspective on food processing, waste management, and environmental stewardship, enriching their academic experience and preparing them for future challenges in the field.