Processing, Structures and Environmental Control

Processing, Structures and Environmental Control

The application of the science and art of engineering to the mechanical, chemical, thermal and other physical processes involved in the primary and secondary processing of food, fibre and other raw materials from agriculture and forestry and land. The planning, design and management of buildings and other structures for human habitation, production, storage and processing of biology based products from agriculture, forestry, food and other bioprocess industries and water and the environment in general.

Projects under the thematic area

Career opportunities

Graduates find employment in the following areas

  • Government Ministries: Water and irrigation, Agriculture, Lands and Settlement, Environment among others.
  • Parastatals: Universities of Nairobi, Egerton, JKUAT, Moi, KU, Cereals board, Sugar Industry, National Irrigation Boards, Tea Board, Coffee Board, Lake Basin Development Authority. Private Companies: Davis & Shirtliff, Rift Valley Machinery, Firestone, Delmonte, Brooke Bond, Banks.
  • Consultancy Firms: GIBB East Africa, LOG Associates among others.
  • International agencies: ICRAF, RELMA, UNDP, UN, UNEP,World Vision, Care Kenya.
  • City and Town Councils: Nairobi City Council and
  • Individual Entrepreneurships.