Harnessing Engineering for Sustainable Agriculture and Innovation: The Future from Agriculture to AI

The 5th International Engineering Conference, scheduled to take place from October 26th to 27th, 2023 with the theme Harnessing Research in Engineering for Resilience and Sustainability.' This year's conference is set to be a pivotal event for professionals and researchers. It will Bring together researchers, innovators, industry, entrepreneurs and students both local and international in the fields of Engineering to share knowledge and experiences on topics that are timely and reflect the latest scientific advances in the area of  Environmental and Biosystems Engineering covering the following sub-theme: Harnessing Engineering Research for sustainability in Biological Production Systems including:  Agricultural food processing and structures, value addition, Irrigation, water resources and environmental management and control, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Energy systems

The conference will feature presentations and discussions on the latest research in environmental and biosystems engineering. Attendees can expect insights into emerging technologies and methodologies that hold the potential to transform our world. One of the key benefits of attending an international conference is the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and forge collaborations. The event will provide ample networking sessions for participants to connect and learn from one another.

A series of workshops and expert panels will delve into specific areas of Environmental and Biosystems Engineering, providing a deeper understanding of the latest trends and best practices. For aspiring researchers, there will be a chance to present their work through poster presentations, fostering knowledge exchange and peer feedback. The conference will host prominent keynote speakers who will share their insights and experiences in the field of Environmental and Biosystems Engineering.

The 2023 Engineering Conference is a unique opportunity to come together, learn, and innovate in ways that can promote community resilience and foster economic growth. Join us and be a part of this transformative experience!