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Department of Environmental and Biosystems Engineering Exhibition at the University of Nairobi Innovation Week

During the University of Nairobi Innovation Week, the Department of Environmental and Biosystems Engineering proudly presented a groundbreaking innovation in potato harvesting, developed by one of our students. Held from May 8th to May 10th, 2024, under the theme "Innovations for Sustainable Community Development through Strong Multi-Sectoral Partnerships," this event provided a platform for showcasing transformative projects aimed at sustainable development.


The visit to New KCC (Kenya Cooperative Creameries) in Mombasa was an illuminating experience for students from the University of Nairobi's Department of Environmental and Biosystems Engineering. Immersed in the bustling operations of one of Kenya's leading dairy processing companies, students gained firsthand insight into various facets of food processing and waste management. Guided tours led students through the intricate processes of milk collection, pasteurization, packaging, and distribution, showcasing New KCC's commitment to quality and efficiency in dairy production.


The excursion to Bamburi Cement in Mombasa proved to be an enriching experience for students from the University of Nairobi's Department of Environmental and Biosystems Engineering. They delved into the intricate processes involved in cement production, from the extraction of raw materials to the final product. Throughout guided tours, students gained insight into Bamburi's dedication to environmental sustainability, witnessing firsthand the implementation of energy-efficient practices and the integration of alternative fuels into production processes.


During the immersive visit to Bamburi Cement and New KCC in Mombasa, students from the Department of Environmental and Biosystems Engineering at the University of Nairobi were exposed to a rich array of practical applications and real-world scenarios that significantly enhanced their understanding of crucial aspects within their field of study.

Harnessing Engineering for Sustainable Agriculture and Innovation: The Future from Agriculture to AI

The 5th International Engineering Conference, scheduled to take place from October 26th to 27th, 2023 with the theme Harnessing Research in Engineering for Resilience and Sustainability.' This year's conference is set to be a pivotal event for professionals and researchers.

Eng. Prof. Duncan O. Mbuge: Best Researcher in Engineering 2022

In the ever-evolving landscape of engineering and research, there are those whose contributions stand out, leaving a lasting impact on their respective fields. Eng. Prof Duncan Onyango Mbuge is one such luminary in the world of Environmental and Biosystems Engineering, specializing in food and processing. His dedication to research and innovation recently earned him the prestigious title of "Best Researcher in Engineering" for the year 2022 during the University of Nairobi Research Week in 2023.

AQUA NIRVANA Foundation Explores Collaboration with EBE Department and Postgraduate Scholarships

In a promising development for the fields of biodiversity, biofuel, biomass technologies, and environmental and water sanitation projects, the EBE Department had the honor of hosting Marco and Sebastian a delegation from the AQUA NIRVANA Foundation. The purpose of this visit was to explore avenues for meaningful collaboration and to discuss the potential of a postgraduate scholarship program.

EBE First-Year Orientation: Exploring Our State of the Art Labs and Workshops

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey through your first year at department of Environmental and Biosystems Engineering, University of Nairobi? As you begin your academic adventure, we're thrilled to introduce you to the innovative and hands-on learning experiences waiting for you in our state-of-the-art labs and workshops.