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Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI)

Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI) is a government institute under Ministry of Trade, Investments and Industry. KIRDI core mandate is to undertake research, development and innovation in industrial and allied technologies and disseminate research findings to support industrial development. Biosystems Engineering visited KIRDI with an aim to learn engineering design process of any given project. The engineering design process emphasizes open-ended problem solving and encourages students to learn from failure.


Ndume is well known and respected throughout the region as the only true agricultural machinery manufacturer in East Africa. Biosystems Engineering students visited the plant on industrial visit.  The productivity of farms depends greatly on the availability and judicious use of farm power by the farmers. Agricultural implements and machines enable the farmers to employ the power judiciously for production purposes.

Research on Alternative Materials to use in Evaporative Cooler (Aashi Kotecha, Columbia University)

Evaporative cooling is a powerful technique that utilizes the natural process of water evaporation to lower temperatures effectively. By harnessing the principle that water absorbs heat during evaporation, this cooling method offers a sustainable and cost-efficient solution. It is especially relevant for farmers, as it enables them to enhance crop shelf life and minimize wastage.


The department was recently visited by staff and students from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst led by Dr. Karina. This was part of an ongoing collaboration through which they are helping with the establishment of the Environmental engineering lab. During this visit they gave seminars to our students



Second year students visited Kevian Kenya Thika Plant for an industrial visit to the company.The students were taken through juice making processes that includes; Selection and preparation of raw material, Juice extraction, Filtration (optional), Batch preparation, Pasteurisation, Filling and bottling.


On 18th May, 2023 EBE Fourth Year students presented and defended their fabricated projects design FEB 403 MECHANICAL DESIGN.  This unit introduces the general principles of mechanical design and applies these to product development, from concept to detailed design. It considers methods for evaluation and selection of alternative designs. It then engages students in a major multidisciplinary design and development project, which may integrate elements of electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering.

Davis & Shirtliff trained EBE technical staff on the water treatment and renewable energy techniques

On 17th May, 2023 Eng. Amos Wambura Senior Manufacturing Engineer at Davis & Shirtliff trained EBE technical staff on the water treatment and renewable energy techniques as illustrated on the learning model donated to the department by the company earlier this year.