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Fri, 2016-09-09 11:33
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nuclear science board room

The department of EBE held MSc Proposal presentation on 31st August 2016 at INST Conference room.The presentations cover the thematic areas: water and irrigation engineering, renewable energy, power and machinery engineering, food and process, and Environmental engineering.

Members of the staff present were; Prof. A. N. Gitau (Chairman - EBE), Prof. J.A. Nyang’aya (Mechanical), Dr. D.O. Mbuge, Dr. GichukiMuchiri, Dr. C.T. Omuto, Mr. J. O. Agullo, Mr. Stephen C. Ondieki, and M/s. Dorcas N. Bernard

Among those who made the presentation were; M/s. Dorcas N. Bernard, Mwangi Simon Thuku, Bernard Rono, WaitituDomitilaWanjiku, Patrick NjiruWaganagwa, Zipporah C. Keter, Vincent Ng’eno, JosphineMuthoniMuchiri, Saman Nicola Wilba, Mwangi Rose Wambui, and Shiyonzo M. Chrisantus

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