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North Gate School experiences a limited supply of fresh water. The school is located in an arid and semi-arid area that receives low unreliable rainfall. The primary source of water at the school is underground water pumped through a borehole. The boarding school with a population of 255has a daily water demand of 20,000 Lto cater for cooking, laundry, toilet flushing etc. With the school being located far from any sewer line, an onsite waste water management is necessary. Currently, the school is generating 16,000 L of waste water daily. The institutionhas been experiencing an overflow of their biological waste water treatment system. This can be attributed to the lack of maintenance of the conventional activated sludge system and high hydraulic retention time. Given a growing population at the school and the already experienced overflows, this system is not capable of handling the waste water treatment currently and in the future.

The overall objective of this project was to design a membrane bioreactor system for waste water management at the school. The system enables direct reuse of waste water for nonpotable uses after treatment and has low hydraulic retention time. The daily quantity of waste water produced at the school was established through calculation after establishing the daily demand of water. The quantity and pollutant content of the waste water was established from secondary data as labtesting was a challenge. The membrane bioreactor components; anoxic tank, aeration tank and membrane tank were sized through calculations taking into consideration the current and future design flow of waste water. The treatment plant performance was evaluated.

This report contains the introduction, literature review, theoretical considerations, methodology, results and analysis, cost benefit analysis of the implementation of the project, AutoCAD design drawings, recommendations and conclusions. The project was a success as the objective of the project which was to design a membrane bioreactor for North Gate School. Implementation of this project will reduce pressure on the water supply at the school and become save costs in regards to water resources.

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