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Fri, 2014-03-28 17:08
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The University of Nairobi Organized 12th Internal Quality Audit exercises in all its colleges from 26th to 28th March, 2014. The Department of Environmental and Biosystems Engineering received internal auditors Mr. Waititwa B, CBPS (Lead Auditor) and Mr. J. Nguyo, CHS (Auditor) on 28th March 2014.

The Chairman, Chief Technologist and Internal Auditors discussing before the exercise

The focus was on the cross-cutting non-conformities identified during the 11th IQA and the six (6) compulsory procedures.

The purpose of the audit was to confirm compliance to the ISO 9001:2008 and determine the use of various tools, i.e. Quality Objectives, Data Analysis, and Internal Audit for continual improvement.

Auditors going through the workshops/laboratories and Analysis records

In the department the auditors went through all the laboratories/ workshops and concluded their audit at the chairman office.

The department has embraced safety precaution as a requirement in the workshop

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