The provision of shelter is one of the most basic need worldwide, a challenge faced by any single
family unit . The demand of shelter will range depending on economic status of a region. This
problem is least from developed countries and most experienced in developing countries. Kenya
for instance has an estimated deficit of 2,500,000 housing units that continues to grow annually.
One of the mostly used building material in most parts of rural Kenya is the earth brick. Despite
the cheap cost of this soil block compared to others materials such as masonry stones and timber,
millions of Kenyan poor population and low income earners can’t afford. For affordability, one
way of lowering this cost is either by design of cheap brick moulding machine or by minimizing
the amount of soil material used to make the brick.
This project undertaking was aimed at reducing the amount of soil material used in construction
by modifying the brick moulding machine. This therefore, led to production of high quality and
affordable bricks important in solving housing problems in Kenya. The fabricated, electrically
powered compressive earth brick moulding machine can produce a total of 800 bricks per day on
The production cost of this hollow brick machine was approximately (Ksh 200 000) two hundred
thousands shillings only.Whereas, most adopted imported electrically powered block making machine
in Kenya with an average production capacity of 720 blocks per day costs about (Ksh 350 000) only.
Thus, evidently the hollow brick moulding machine is utmost affordable for Small and Medium
Enterprises (SME). Bricks moulded using this machine are close to 30% cheaper and affordable for low
income earners mostly at rural and marginal areas. With the naturally available raw materials being that
of the client, the production cost of a single brick lowers by 55% too. This can ensure housing to all over
short period of wages savings.
The cost of making single brick was estimated at Kshs 14 only. Whereas, the cost of CEB brick
made using block machine was estimated at Kshs 24 only
The main objective was to design a machine that would mould hollow interlocking brick. Other
specific objectives was to locally fabricate other machine componets such as perforation rods,
and rod plate, designing the mould chamber, designing the hopper, sizing the motor, hydraulic
pump requirements and the frame of the machine.
The end result of this project produced low cost, aesthetically appealing building brick, ensured
affordable housing, easy to construct and efficient wall finishes in Kenya

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