Why the Environmental and Biosystems Engineer Magazine?

Following the accreditation of our course, the publishing of this first edition was a marketing point for Environmental and Biosystems Engineering to the outside world, enabling us to fight for our space in the Engineering field. 

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The Environmental and Biosystems Engineer Student Magazine is a platform for creativity and an avenue to nurture innovativeness. One can actually crack their mind around a problem and bring about a solution. This helps in providing sustainable solutions to challenges affecting humanity. It is an avenue to voice out our opinion as engineers and keep the conversation going.

The magazine also keeps you informed of who an Environmental and Biosystems Engineer is and what role he/she plays towards making the world a better place.It helps relate the learnt engineering concepts with the job industry. This will translate in exposure to the job market and thus a smooth transition into the Corporate World.

In the School of Engineering, the Biosystems Engineers have not only been in the forefront of Academic Excellence but also inspearheading events in the University of Nairobi. This has been reflected in the pictorial section of the magazine.

The Big 4 Agenda is the talk of town, it is the Big thing and every person can’t miss mentioning it. The contribution of the Environmental and Biosystems Engineers to the Kenyan and global economy is undisputable!! In this 1stedition, we explore the contribution of an Environmental and Biosystems Engineer towards the realization of Kenya’s Big Four Agenda. It shows how our thematic areas are intertwined with the Big 4 Agenda, making our course, a course of the present and the future.

Expiry Date: 
Sat, 2051-07-22 (All day)